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The Most Popular Programming Language in 2020 to Start Your Successful Career

It’s always thrilling to start something new, especially when it comes to changing your career path, isn’t it? The IT sphere develops rapidly and even lockdowns and the rising economic crisis could not stop this process. 

One of the most popular and high-paid jobs in IT is a software developer but there is a huge amount of programming languages in the world. It is rather difficult for a person who has just decided to start an IT career to understand where to start and which language to study first.

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Software development in order to protect your devices

Software development means any program that runs and runs on a computer or any mobile device. Software development, respectively, refers to the process of creating such programs. What allows programs to run and work is the operating system. And everything that runs under the operating system is all programs. Programs are system and application. System software is software that provides the operating system or hardware. The development of programs for system assignment is a company that has developed an operating system, or whether any third-party manufacturer, for example, computer equipment. Manufacturers are called – software developers.

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DevOps Engineering: Your Complete Guide to a Successful Career

DevOps coding is one of the key ways in which modern coding has evolved. The development of DevOps programming has also produced different career paths, DevOps engineering being one of them. Here we focus on DevOps engineering and explore its definition, the functions and responsibilities of a DevOps engineer, and skills this profession requires.

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Top 9 Questions for a Mentor

When it comes to dealing with a mentor or a senior, it’s not always about listening. You will be required to ask questions to make sure that you get the maximum out of your mentor’s expertise and supervision. This article discusses some critical questions employees should not be afraid to ask their mentors. It will mostly be helpful for professionals working in the software industry; however, some of the questions are general and can be asked to your mentor irrespective of the field or industry you are working in.

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DRY Programming

If you have some familiarity with the software development, you must have possibly heard about the DRY principle of programming. This article introduces and describes this code development principle.

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